An Engine 2 Retreats Weekend Is

An Engine 2 Retreats Weekend is three days full of lectures, demonstrations, and events designed to give you what most people have never received: an in-depth education about the power of health-promoting foods and the reality of health-harming foods. Most of us eat the way we do because it’s what we have always known. We typically eat what our parents ate, or something close to it. More


“This Engine 2 team is made up of incredible, giving, talented individuals, who give 110% every moment during the immersion.”

“Be ready to laugh, cheer and even shed a tear of joy. These folks are so passionate and willing to share it warms your heart.”

“When was the last time you spoke with an author, asking for an autograph and had a significant meaningful conversation? Well with this group you certainly do.”

“This team “walks the talk” and demonstrates their passion during the entire weekend.” 


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